The Fleet

Our Fleet

The Kaiser Equine Transportation Fleet consists of a late model 15 horse Tractor Trailers and a smaller 5 horse head to head trailer for local and short hauls. The 15 horse vans are all equipped with air ride suspension and can make multiple stall configurations to suit the customers needs. All trailers are head to head type configurations making single stalls, stall and a half as well as box stalls.

Several of our trailers make California box stalls allowing horses to travel untied so the horse may  move his head and neck freely while he travels. The California box stalls are equipped with metal screens making ventilation and vision for the horse excellent. These stalls are very popular with the long distance traveler or the customer who wants to take a large number of horses. The vans will configure into 10 California Box stalls if you wish to purchase the entire rig for a show or a move.

Trailer Options

Box Stalls – horses are allowed to move about their stall untied and lay down if they wish. Very popular way to ship a horse cross country. Free fed hay and water are standard part of travel as well as shavings for the horses comfort.

California Stalls – horses are in a stall type environment, allowing them to put their heads down to eat and given a bit more freedom than the stall and a half.

California Stalls are a similar size as the stall and a half but protected with metal screens for ventilation. Popular for long distance and for the bigger horse or younger horse. Free choice hay and water are a standard part of travel as well as shavings for the horses comfort.

Stall and a half – the standard way of travel. Horses are cross tied with a chest bar for security. Hay bag and water bucket are a standard part of shipping as well as shavings for the horses comfort.

5 horse head to head also can provided the same amount of comfort as the vans. It can be configured into a box stall or stall and a half. Shavings for the horse are provided for.

Our quality standard

All Trucks and Trailers are maintained at our home facility in Humble, TX  by our Full time Mechanic to make sure Equipment is up to our standards. Trailers are pressure washed and sanitized weekly by our staff to to ensure proper cleanliness and a chance to give the trucks a thorough look over before heading back on the road.